Real Good Music is a booking and artist representation agency that grew out of a love for music and the desire to help artists further their careers

Real Good Music is a booking and artist representation agency that grew out of a love for music and the desire to help artists further their careers. It provided the perfect opportunity for me to return to the music industry and to make full use of my sales and management skills in a way that was productive for both myself and to the artists that I represent.

Since those far off days in the early seventies spent touring as a solo guitarist/ singer, right up until the first RGM promoted tour, I spent long hours learning the music lingo, making the right connections and generally picking up the specific tools of the trade that are necessary to make it in this tough business.
Along the way a great many people have kindly taken the time to guide me into the industry; some of the top agents, musicians, managers, promoters and media folk in the business have shown me the “ins and outs” of everything from immigration to backline. To them I give my most sincere thanks. RGM would not exist without their assistance, experience, patience and understanding.

RGM has worked hard to cover every aspect of the business. Experiences that range from going on tour with Lindisfarne as tour manager, in order to get the perspective from a touring band’s point of view, to attending my first Folk Alliance convention in Cleveland; not only the organisation of successful tours but also having to deal with the down-side of the business, from late changes in a bands personnel to having a tour or show go sour at the last minute. Just keeping up with immigration needs, with all the paperwork and contracts that entails, can be a full time job.
The secret is to be able to keep all the balls in the air at the same time; the ability to juggle multiple tours in a coherent and responsible way is what can make one agent succeed or put another out of work. I firmly believe that I have put my past accomplishments and skills together in a way that helps RGM to be a good juggler.

It is important not to take on too much too soon, but to grow in small steps and I have worked to build my roster in a slow and deliberate way that enables me to give my full attention to each and every artist.

RGM has built up a good reputation with the record companies, the media and radio people, the promoters, the venues and most importantly, with the artist themselves, by following through with commitments and ultimately delivering the goods. I work very hard to be on top of my business and continue to look for ways to improve every aspect of booking and representation.

Real Good Music officially began in June 1999, but the very essence of the company has been in the making since 1972, culminating in a growing, viable business that will serve the artists and the music industry for many happy years to come.

Yours, sincerely,
Patrick Garrett,
President, Real Good Music