This fresh new trio from the heart of Connemara, Ireland combines Irish music and an intriguing blend of modern folk influences to produce a rich sound and exciting experience to delight listeners. Featuring an unusual line-up of flute, whistles, harp, bodhrán, guitar and vocals (with some Irish dancing steps thrown in!), HighTime make a youthful and energetic statement. 

 Equal measures of music and tradition from old Ireland coupled with bold new arrangements make for a tasty platter of music, song and dance from these three young men. All from the village of Ardmore on the rugged west coast, Ciarán, Conall and Séamus have been immersed in the region’s rich and diverse musical heritage their whole lives. 

 HighTime play with a breathtaking energy and passion that is both effortless yet drivingly soulful and fun. The brothers, Conall and Séamus, and neighbour and friend, Ciarán, have a unique and virtuoso musical connection through so many years of performing together and individually; all the while enchanting audiences worldwide with music, song and dance steeped in the well of Irish tradition  - No doubt their music and energy-fuelled live performances are sure to get the hands clapping and toes tapping!

Individual Bios

Ciarán Bolger - Guitar and Vocals 


Ciarán Bolger is an entertainer, singer and guitarist from Garraí Ard in the village of Ardmore in Connemara. Learning whistle and traditional sean-nós singing at a young age, Ciarán developed a love and respect for the music tradition of Connemara. Focusing on guitar in his teens, Ciarán explored a mixture of traditional and contemporary music. This exploration has formed the basis for his emotive vocals and also his vibrant and expressive guitar style; drawing inspiration from a multitude of genres.

After studying Primary Teaching in Limerick, Ciarán spent some time teaching before taking up a residency commitment at Raglan Road Irish Pub in Downtown Disney, Disney World Orlando with his band “The West Coast Trio”. Since then, he has spent many years performing and touring professionally with bands and Irish music and dance shows.

Ciarán has toured in over a dozen countries with acclaimed Irish Music and Dance Show, Celtic Legends, performing in some of the most prestigious venues in Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Geneva and across the globe.  In 2017 Ciarán spent time performing aboard the cruise ships, The Disney Magic and Disney Fantasy, on the high seas with the Disney Cruise Line Company. More recently in 2018, HighTime performed as part of the long running Irish Spring where they played a huge 35 date tour of Germany.

Inspired by folk heroes such as Bob Dylan, The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Christy Moore, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen to name but a few, Ciarán has amassed a repertoire of unusual and rare ballads, stories and songs from the folk traditions of Ireland, the U.K, Canada and U.S.A. He is a natural entertainer and storyteller; always keeping the story and soul of the song as a guiding light.

Conall Ó Flatharta - Flute, whistle & vocals

Conall Ó Flatharta
 has travelled all over Ireland - and indeed the globe - with his music since a young age. He has won All Ireland titles on both flute and singing at the Fleadh Cheoil  competitions. More recently, he has entertained audiences throughout the U.S.A, at Disney World Orlando and also touring throughout Russia, China, Azerbaijan, U.K, France, Germany and throughout greater Europe since 2013. Conall established himself as a flute and whistle player in the thriving session scene of Ireland performing his first gigs at aged 14. Most recently, Conall embarked on a five week tour of Germany with HighTime as part of the Irish Spring Festival of Irish Folk Music 2018.

Through many years of playing traditional sessions and gigs with various bands as well as touring with acclaimed Irish music and dance shows, Celtic Legends and Rhythm of the Dance, Conall has honed his craft and continues to adapt and push his style, tone and musicality to new heights.

Conall plays in the old flute style of South Connemara, while drawing from the more modern styles of today resulting in a powerful and pulsating sound. He learned the ropes from flute player and maker, Marcus Hernon who also made the flutes which Conall plays today. Immersed in the culture of singing, dance and music since a very young age, Conall has delighted listeners with this energetic and free flowing style. In the early months of 2017, Conall along with HighTime’s lead singer, Ciarán, once again joined forces with the wold famous entertainment company, Disney, this time aboard the Disney Magic and Disney Fantasy cruise ships.

 Conall, and brother Seamus, have a unique musical bond and rapport that is a driving force at the heart of HighTime. The band’s debut tour in 2018 brought Conall’s flute playing to audiences all over Germany. 

Séamus Ó Flatharta - Celtic Harp, whistle, bódhran drum, Irish dancing & vocals 

Séamus Ó Flatharta’s
skills in dancing, singing and playing music reflect his personality. At only 19 years old, Séamus meets each discipline with a passion and quiet zeal backed up by a love of the traditional Irish music heritage. Since the age of 16, he has been making waves in the fields of music, song and dance across the globe; performing in China, The U.S.A, Canada, The United Kingdom and throughout mainland Europe. He had the privilege of performing more recently alongside Cherish the Ladies at the world renowned Celtic Connections in 2017.

Born into a family steeped in Irish traditional music, it wasn't long before Séamus got his eager hands on the Tin Whistle, learning to play his first piece of music before developing into an accomplished multi-instrumentalist.

An incredible 23 time all Ireland champion on harp, whistle, singing and dancing, Séamus has performed on numerous tours, most recently with the prestigious Irish Spring Festival of Irish Folk Music, an Irish music and dance tour travelling throughout Germany. He has had the privilege of travelling alongside numerous accomplished musicians from around the world and some of the finest ambassadors of Irish traditional music. Although only 19 years of age, Séamus has made numerous television appearances and has been featured in many radio programmes throughout his early musical career.

Séamus is one of the few of his age responsible for maintaining the oldest style of Irish singing. Sean-Nós or Old Style singing, an ancient form of decorative Irish song, is of huge importance to him. He proudly boasts the beauty of this Irish art-form wherever he goes, delivering haunting renditions of poignant Irish folklore and mesmeric melodies to attentive audiences far and wide. 

A keen multi-instrumentalist, he has entertained audiences worldwide with displays of rhythmic dance, vibrant music and compelling vocals.