Celtic Spring Technical Rider


5 Sennheiser wirless pick-ups with frequency agility for 5 fiddles 
MACKIE CFX 12 mixer for pre-mix of fiddles
Condensor mic for bodhran (Irish drum)
Yamaha P-140 keyboard (unless the band is travelling by air)
12 X 16 foot dance floor surface (unless travelling by air)

NB:  Backline need for keyboard and dance floor surface IF BAND IS TRAVELLING BY AIR.  See below for floor details.  KEYBOARD MUST HAVE 88 WEIGHTED KEYS.


A stage with minimum dimensions of 30’ wide by 20’ deep.  The stage must have a flat, even, non-slick/non-varnished wooden surface. If the entire stage surface is not wooden, than a none-elevated wood dance floor of 16’ feet wide and 12’ deep shall be provided and positioned as indicated on the stage plot.  Six sheets of plywood, 5/8 inch or thicker, may be duct tapped together to meet this need.  Professional grade high-gloss theater dance floors are acceptable.  Fiberglass tipped hard shoes will slip on any slick surface.   PLEASE CONTACT THE BAND IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS!
2 six foot tables draped in black cloth
6 armless chairs
2 six foot tables and 2 chairs for CD and T-shirt sales and signing.


A first class P. A. system sufficient to cover venue space.  Must have phantom power for condenser mic
4 monitors
4 vocal mics (SM 58) on boom stands.
1 instrument mic (SM 57) on a boom stand; if grand piano is available, then two insturmentmics on boom stands
1 instrument mic on short boom for hand drum
3 floor mics for hard shoe dancing
power for mixer and keyboard 
2 DI boxes, one with 15’ 1/4’’ cables for mandolin



1)  XLR input from our pre-mix of string instruments
2)  Instrument mic (SM57) for mandolin; insturment mic for grand piano as available
3)  Mandolin 1/4” input
4)  Bodhran, condensor mic with phantom power (high cut)
5)  Hand drum, instrument mic
6)  Keyboard
7)  Vocal stage left (SM58) 
8)  Vocal stage left (SM58)
9)  Vocal stage right (SM58) with reverb
10)  Vocal stage right (SM58)
11-13)  3 floor mics for hard shoe dancing


1-2)  Downstage sides:  All but floor mics
3)  Stage right rear:  drum lines and line 1 mix
4)  Stage left rear:  as specified


Presenter shall provide a professional lighting system with adequate personnel to operate.If applicable, presenter will have follow spots and a dimmer board. 


One operator fully knowledgeable of the provided PA system present for sound check and duration of the show.
One lighting tech, as applicable, present for sound check and duration of performance.  Artist shall instruct operator regarding specific light cues during sound check.